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COURSE LOAD: This is graduate level course work. You should plan to spend an average of at least 4 – 6 hours each week conducting the required readings and/or completing individual assignments. This is in addition to the required weekly class meetings. However, if you are regularly spending 10+ hours a week, contact the project manager. She might be able to help you assess your study strategies and work more purposefully and efficiently.

ACCEPTANCE IN ESOL CERTIFICATION ONLY PROGRAM: Once you are accepted to the GATE CITY Program, you must apply and be accepted to the UNH ESOL certification only program before applying for state certification. Please remember that the ESOL certification program is not a degree program. However, you can request to transfer in a maximum of 12 credits of graduate level coursework taken at UNH. You must receive a B- or betterClick here for the application requirements.

SECOND LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENT: The State of New Hampshire requires a second language proficiency for ESOL certification. The requirement can be met through course work (e.g., two semesters of college level study of a foreign language) and/or demonstration of second language proficiency. For students who are native speakers of a language other than English, English counts as their second language.

If you have not met these requirements, you must do so before applying for state certification. You may choose to attend summer Spanish courses arranged through the Nashua School District and UNHM, or you may choose to take a foreign language class on your own at a local institution of your choice. If choosing to take courses on your own, please verify with the GATE CITY team that your courses will fulfill the language requirement. Language courses at adult learning centers are not considered the equivalent of college/university level courses and therefore are unlikely to fulfill the requirement. Typically, one college level language course (a one semester course) consists of 45 seat hours. The two courses you take must be different levels (e.g. Spanish 1 and Spanish 2). If you start with Spanish 2, you cannot go back and do Spanish 1. You must then do a Spanish 3 course.


WE created a matrix of the state certification competencies and the GC courses where those competencies are met.  GC participants are encouraged to begin using the matrix to chart their learning over the four courses. Part of your final portfolio will be a matrix you completed, where you list the work you’ve done to meet those competencies.  Why not get started now?

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