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Project Curriculum & Timeline

Semester One: Spring 2013 Cohort 1; Spring 2015 Cohort 2

Teaching Multilingual Learners

Explores & explains effective approaches, methods, strategies, and techniques for instructional practice based on current research and practice.

Semester Two: Fall 2013 Cohort 1; Fall 2015 Cohort 2

ENGL 816: Curriculum and Assessment for ELLs

Provides an in-depth examination of the key issues and challenges in the assessment of English language learners. Course topics include: appropriate identification and placement for programming, assessment alternatives, pre and post instructional assessment and cultural sensitivity in assessment.

for fall 2015: the major assignment is to develop/adapt, teach and reflect on a curriculum unit.  You must do at least 12 hours of instructional time.  Other assignments include (but not limited to) analysis of English learners’ performance on mandated assessment (something your school or district requires is perfect!!); observation of a classroom for SIOP practices; and interviewing an EL teacher on assessment and curriculum issues.

Semester Three: Spring 2014 Cohort 1; Spring 2016 Cohort 2

Sociolinguistics & Socioliteracies: Jan 19 – May 10, 2016 Tuesdays 4-7 pm

Participants explore linguistic and literacy development of second language learners. Additionally, participants will learn the ways in which languages may differ and those characteristics which tend to be universal, including the commonalities between first and second language acquisition.

Semester Four: Fall 2014 Cohort 1; Fall 2016 Cohort 2

Language & Culture in Schools & Schooling: A Glocal Perspective

Participants explore how local immigration issues are part of global trends and realities. In addition to examining how language and culture affect teaching and learning, participants are challenged to critically reflect on their own cultural, linguistic, racial, + identities and develop intercultural communication skills/awareness and advocate for more inclusive, expansive communities.

Semester Five: Spring 2015 Cohort 1; Spring 2017 Cohort 2

Seminar in ESOL Teaching

In this final semester, candidates synthesize their learning over the four courses, assess their ESOL certification competencies and compile a project portfolio organized around their articulated and enacted philosophy for teaching English learners.  Small cohorts of 5-6 participants meet regularly in a seminar led by supervisor who provides feedback on their practice and portfolio.  Additional field work may be necessary depending on the needs of the individual candidates.

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