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Project Overview

Did you know that the cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity of the K-12 Nashua population has increased 41% since the 2005-2006 school year? 

GATE CITY is a Title III, federally funded grant project, through the US Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA). The project is a funded partnership between UNH & the Nashua School District. In 2015, participation was opened to Manchester and Concord teachers.

What does it mean for the Nashua School District?

The main objective of the grant is to increase the number of grade level teachers in Nashua, particularly in the STEM content areas, who have ESOL certification to promote the academic achievement of English language learners in NH. GATE CITY will support 70 educators, covering the cost of five graduate-level courses at the in-state, continuing education rate, which will lead participants to ESOL certification in NH.

  • Between January 2013 and July 2015 35, Nashua School District educators completed the five semester program. Cohort 2 began in January 2015 and includes educators from Nashua (17), Manchester and Concord (13).
  • GATE CITY targets in-service educators who serve or will serve English language learners. It is anticipated that 60 participants will be teachers and about 10 will be school administrators, counselors, curriculum integration specialists, and/or classroom coaches/mentors.
  • The project originally targeted STEM teachers at the secondary level and STEM content for participants working in elementary settings. Given available space, non-STEM educators were also invited to participate.

Through the UNH ESOL certification program and its graduate coursework, GATE CITY will lead two cohorts of  educators to ESOL certification in NH. Cohort one will began coursework in January 2013 and cohort two began coursework in January 2015.

  • Between Jan 2013 and May 2016, All classes were offered on-site in Nashua schools. For the Manchester/Concord members of cohort 2, classes began being offered in Manchester in September 2016.
  • Participating educators will complete one class per semester for five consecutive semesters
  • The cost of tuition and the in-state, continuing education rate, related fees and budgeted textbooks will be provided with no up-front cost to participants
  • Beginning in fall 2015, coaches/mentors were added to support the in-school application and transfer of skills/knowledge from course work to classrooms.

To read more about the grant, click here.

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