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Textured Teaching for Social Justice

GC community: just read this inspirational statement from a teacher in Texas.  Might help us be thinking about our own philosophies and how we enact them in our classrooms.

Lorena German, is a 12-year veteran educator born in the Dominican Republic who now lives and teaches in Austin, Tex.

The best way to describe my teaching is textured. In the same way that the walls in my home are textured (beautiful and unique, but terribly difficult to paint over), my classroom experiences intertwine ups, downs, curves, corners, alterations, and beautiful moments. As a textured teacher, I push students to think critically and embrace challenges. In my classroom, the focus is on the students and we investigate and work on the concept of self. To apply a textured approach, however, I have to weave together three important layers: voice, sight and sound, and touch.  CONTINUE READING at the ASCD site (click on “continue reading” to get there).

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