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Summer Institute Details


The details are finalized and it is going to be an amazing two days! Here is the agenda:

Tuesday, August 11

9 – 12 at the Nashua Adult Learning Center, 4 Lake Street, Nashua (phone: 603-882-9080); Room 306 (air conditioned but please no food allowed)
Judy Sharkey will talk to us about community asset mapping and prepare us to do our own exploring and asset mapping.

12 – 1 Lunch at La Simpatia Restaurant, 60 West Hollis Street $10 per person, sorry GATE CITY grant is not able to cover food expenses. This is a Dominican family establishment at the heart of the Latino community in Nashua. They are very excited to share with us their specialties and are putting together a sampling of many delicious Dominican dishes.

1 – 4 Out to the neighborhoods! In small groups, conduct a community investigation. There is a choice of 4 different activities to choose from.

Wednesday August 12

9 – 12 Community Asset Mapping (with two other GC participants) map your school’s (or students’) neighborhood. Discover the resources and assets that are a part of their day-to-day lives.

1 – 4 at the Nashua Adult Learning Center, 4 Lake Street, Nashua Room 306
Sharing and discussion about what you discovered
Collaboration and curriculum work to develop concrete connections between the community assets and the curriculum standards of what you already teach.
Bring with you a unit you have already used that you would like to tweak and to which you can add that powerful community connection.

I am SO excited to embark on this adventure together! I hope you are too!

See you soon.
Judy L

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