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Film Screening Monday Night – “Who Am I Going to Be?”

We thought some of you might be interested in this upcoming screening and panel discussion of a new NH documentary. Hope some of you can attend!

When: Monday October 27
Time: 4:00
Where: Dion Reception Room, Rivier University Nashua
Who Am I Going To Be?
African Youth Build New Lives in NH

What challenges do you think you would face if you suddenly found yourself starting over in a new culture? What in your cultural heritage could you draw on for strength in challenging circumstances?

The film “Who Am I Going To Be?” explores the constellation of challenges that African youth face as they build new lives in NH. Learning to navigate school and community expectations, adjusting to shifting family roles, and coping with the aftermath of conflict and trauma are parts of their path. They are made to feel “other” at school. They naturally learn English faster than parents…ushering in issues of respect, relationship, and family authority. This film, produced in 2014 in NH, explores the formation of identity and belonging among teens who have immigrated to New Hampshire, and asks viewers to think about their own cultural identities, perspectives, and prerogatives.

A documentary produced by Lynn Clowes explores the constellation of new realities that African youth face as they rebuild their lives in NH. Teens, teachers, and community leaders talk about the complicated path to becoming American, particularly for young immigrants and refugees of color: community values and expectations often contradict or undermine learned behavior; family roles have undergone a seismic shift; encountering racist attitudes while learning a new language and recovering from deadly conflict and trauma often requires a determination and strength of character beyond their years. The film explores these challenges, honestly confronting both communal and individual successes and failures. It asks how we as a society either contribute to or interfere with the newcomer’s sense of belonging.

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