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Ah…the angst of recording videos…

So, it seems the video taping of the lesson and the logistics of uploading and sharing the video is causing stress with some cohort members. Because of this, Judy has made some changes to the assignment. Please be sure to check the announcements on BB for details.

It can definitely be intimidating to figure out the logistics of it all, but hopefully, Judy’s changes will alleviate some of the logistical stress. When I did my recordings (3 in a semester one time!), I just used an iPhone or iPad. We have 2 iPads available for you to borrow if you don’t have your own.

I found my videos to be really eye-opening and helpful. Once I got past noticing all my little quirks (which I won’t point out to you in case you haven’t already noticed them), I was able to observe a great deal about not only my own teaching, but also my students, that I wouldn’t have observed otherwise. I also got ideas and strategies from watching other people’s videos. I even managed to use one of my videos in a future lesson with my students. It was really fun for them to see themselves and they were completely engaged that day.

I will be available at the film circles if you still have logistics or equipment concerns after looking over the changes Judy has made.


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