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NNETESOL Conference

On Saturday, November 9, a group of GATE CITY participants and team members attended the NNETESOL Conference in Gorham, Maine. Sessions at the conference covered a range of topics, but two highlights were “My Math Counts Too,” in which St.Michael’s College Professor Tim Whiteford challenged our math assumptions and provided examples and implications of conceptual, cultural, procedural, and semantic math differences in other countries and cultures; and “Parental Attitudes, Social Context, and Bilingualism,” which expanded upon many of the issues we are currently discussing in the GATE CITY Program. Some participants also attended a session by keynote speaker Linda Marshall, where they were guided through an Accountable Talk Read Aloud and provided with many useful strategies in working with ELLs. If you missed the conference, you can still access some of the materials and presentations by clicking here. Or ask cohort members Dawn Chisholm, Carmen Kosow, Kim Costa, Brandi Six, Kelly Comeau, and Lorna Spargo for more information. Thanks to those who attended!


  1. Carmen Kosow says:

    This was such a great conference with so much information and strategies we are able to incorporate immediately in our classrooms. Dawn, Kimberly and I are already using our sticky notes for Accountable Reading Talk.
    The “Parental Attitudes, Social Context, and Bilingualism” session was like a reading from our text book with added information and facts about a study the presenter did in Main with comparisons in England. This was a great opportunity and I look forward to attending it again next year in Vermont.
    Wendy and Emily thank you so much for making this possible. The funds from the grant made it so much easier to attend.

  2. Wendy Perron says:

    Carmen, I am so glad you enjoyed it and took so much away. I saw Kim using the accountable talk strategy in her class yesterday. It worked really well, because it really ensured that there was total class participation. All students were responsible for listening, reading, writing and speaking during the literacy block. Yes, looking forward to next year! Maybe you’ll be presenting then?!

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