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Word Walls

Kate Leonas word wall

A Word Wall from Kate Leonas’s class, Nashua South High School

This week’s team assignment asked teachers to think about the  aspects of “comprehensible input” and had the cohort talking about the way visuals are used in classrooms. Wendy met with one team who wondered how other teachers use a popular visual strategy, the “Word Wall”, in their classrooms. The team agreed that Word Walls are a helpful student resource, but wondered how it is also integrated into instruction as a classroom resource and not simply forgotten. Please submit pictures of those plurilingual Word Walls as you begin to build on them. We would like to share more examples with the group.

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  1. Priscilla Flynn says:

    One of the difficulties that ELL students face in the classroom is processing new vocabulary in the content areas. In order to prepare students for a new lesson, we should preteach the core vocabulary. One way to accomplish this is to introduce the new words by creating a word wall list. To extend the lesson, students can be encouraged to illustrate and/or write their own explanations of the words in their native language while communicating in pairs or in a small group. This participation will allow students to become familiar with the topic. The word wall list will also help students organize the information and can be used as a reference throughout the lesson.

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