Inquiry Teaching Methods Professional Development Opportunity

“The Inquiry Methods course completely changed my teaching.”—past course participant

Want to learn the fundamentals of inquiry-based instruction? Need to learn how to “shift” or change existing science activities into authentic inquiry-based activities that integrate NGSS science and engineering practices? This Inquiry Methods course, offered at the STEM Discovery Lab in Manchester, is for you. 
This 24 hour course includes 7 classes on Wednesday evenings from 3:30-6:30.  Class meets on March 8, 15, 22, 25, 29, April 12 and May 10. One full day class is on March 25 from 9-4pm. 
For more information or to register:

Why we should learn another language

Great, great short piece on the PBS newshour.  Age doesn’t matter. We can all be learning languages and the experience will change, expand our lives:

Learning a foreign language revealed a world I never knew

NH ESOL Listserv

ESOL Listserv

For news from the Title III office, information about upcoming conferences, courses, and other state and regional events, join the New Hampshire ESOL listserv! School districts can also use the listserv to post an electronic ad for an ESOL teacher. To join, please contact the listserv facilitator, Dr. Suzanne Irujo, at sirujo@bu.edu.

fall news

Fall books ordered-want one?

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great holiday weekend. Just FYI, we’ve ordered the main textbook for the fall course: Language and Culture in Schools and Schooling: A Glocal Perpective . As mentioned on the blog, it is Introducing language and intercultural communication (Jackson, 2014).  they should arrive at UNHM in 10-12 days.  If you want to pick up a copy, contact Vilmarie.  The first chapters we will read and discuss first are Chapter 12 and Chapter 1. We will read most of the chapters –one will be optional (ch 11) and chapter 2 we will just skim.

I’ll be posting more info on this blog –see Fall Course link.  You should expect to read at least 2 books and view 2 films over the semester.  I started generating and listing possible titles in May and added some more since then.  It’s fine to start reading/viewing now.

So much to think about regarding the BREXIT referendum in the UK.  The issues involved are very much connected to what we will be exploring, discussing this fall.


The Curriculum Is In Your Backyard

GC folks, sound familiar? read this recent post on Teaching Tolerance

Textured Teaching for Social Justice

GC community: just read this inspirational statement from a teacher in Texas.  Might help us be thinking about our own philosophies and how we enact them in our classrooms.

Lorena German, is a 12-year veteran educator born in the Dominican Republic who now lives and teaches in Austin, Tex.

The best way to describe my teaching is textured. In the same way that the walls in my home are textured (beautiful and unique, but terribly difficult to paint over), my classroom experiences intertwine ups, downs, curves, corners, alterations, and beautiful moments. As a textured teacher, I push students to think critically and embrace challenges. In my classroom, the focus is on the students and we investigate and work on the concept of self. To apply a textured approach, however, I have to weave together three important layers: voice, sight and sound, and touch.  CONTINUE READING at the ASCD site (click on “continue reading” to get there).

Fall 2016 Course news


The design for the fall course is still in progress. The working title is: “Language and Culture in Schools and Schooling: A Glocal Perspective.”  It’s going to be slightly different from the other courses in that it will feature multicultural book/film circles and lots of guest speakers. Of course there will still be a community involved component. We will be involved with some local and statewide programs addressing resettlement, integration, and linking “integration of newcomers” to larger issues of inclusion and excellence for all students.  The GC team will be reviewing the work GC participants have done so far –and analyzing the areas that seem to need attention.  These identified areas will inform some of the assignments.

We are going to welcome back members who took Teaching Multilingual Learners and split the large cohort into two groups: Nashua & Manchester/Concord.  During the weeks that Nashua is meeting as whole class, Manchester/Concord will meet in PLCs and vice versa. When Manchester/Concord is meeting as a whole class, Nashua will be meeting as PLCs.

Manchester/Concord classes will meet in Manchester. Hope this makes life easier for folks. And maybe sometimes, this cohort can meet in Concord!

I will be starting a reading list by the end of May and will be taking suggestions for films and books for the literature/film circles.  You can expect to read 2 books and view 2 films (minimum).  If people have some titles they’d like to recommend and lead a discussion on, that would be fantastic! We’ll also be reading and discussing articles/policy briefs on integration policies, intercultural citizenship, and community-school partnerships.  The “glocal perspective” in the subtitle of the course means that will be thinking about how our local stories/contexts match up against global stories and contexts.  We’ll be thinking about how to value local knowledge while also valuing global awareness.

There will be fewer graded assignments — hope that makes life easier for folks. As always, people will be encouraged to work collaboratively on projects.

Looking forward to it!

End of Semester Celebration!

The Sociolinguistics & Socioliteracies class is celebrating the end of the semester with a party!! Final projects, food and fun!  Tuesday May 10, 4-7 pm.

Cohort 2 is 60% done!!

Professional Materials

Hi everyone,

Here is a list of all the books, websites, journals, and other professional materials that you recommended last semester in ENGL 816: ESL Assessment and Curriculum. Take a look and see if you can use some of these resources with your ESOL students!

Professional Resources PDF File


My name, my identity

Hi Everyone,

Got this project link from the Social Responsibility Interest Section of TESOL.

Who’s ready to take the pledge?

My name, my identity

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